• Did you know that clicking to close a pop-up add can activate a virus?


  • A computer tune-up is the best preventative maintenance action to prevent your system from crashing.







We Solve Computer Problems Quickly

When your computer fails, becomes infected with viruses/malware, or can no longer load new software, WebPro is there to help.  Our computer technician will visit you on-site to quickly diagnosis your problem.  Once your problem has been determined, we will explain your options and recommend the best solution.  Sometimes a tune-up is all that is needed or we may have to do further diagnostics at our lab.

We also configure wireless routers and setup computer networks.  If you have cable or DSL, we can network your computers and give you wireless access to the internet and your peripherals.  For small businesses and organizations, we can setup client-servers networks, computer labs, and peer-to-peer networks.

We can setup and configure your internet connection, email, and security software to give you optimal protection from viruses and hackers.  If you need training, we provide on-site training on the Windows Operating System (XP, Vista), internet/email usage, and productivity software (Microsoft Office).

Need a Tune-up?

Just like cars, computers need occasional maintenance.  To keep your computer running in optimal condition you should perform a computer tune-up every 6 months.  If you notice your computer response time has slowed or programs freeze up, you need maintenance before the problem gets worst.  For a limited time, we offer a computer tune-up with free diagnostics for only $35.  Your computer must be able to boot up.  IBM compatible computers only.

  • Hardware Troubleshooting and Upgrades
  • Software Troubleshooting and Installations
  • Computer tune-ups
  • Configure Wireless Routers
  • Computer and Network Setups
  • Internet/Email Setup and Assistance
  • Virus Protection and Removal
  • Software & Internet Training



Looking to Buy a New Computer System?

If you're looking to purchase a new computer, we give free expert advise to help you make the right purchase decision.  We take the guess work out of choosing the right computer system that will fit your technology requirements and budget.  For example, if you play games, watch videos, and edit photos, we recommend getting a fast processor and separate video card with memory.  If you primarily browse the internet and use Microsoft Office, we recommend a budget system. 


We also have a direct relationship with Dell Computers and can save you money on the sale and delivery of a new Dell pc or laptop.  We highly recommend Dell computers because they have always been on the forefront of technology and provide superior customer service.  Get your best price, then call us for a free quote.  Clients typically save between 10 to 20 percent buying through us.


When your system arrives, we will ensure that your system is setup properly and in good working order.  We will load all software and drivers, configure your security, and test all components for proper operation.  We will answer all your questions and advise you about the proper operation and maintenance of your computer system.



It doesn't matter if you have the best anti-virus program protecting your computer, you are bound to get a virus.  Viruses usually are activated when you download freeware, music, or click on a pop-up. 


One of the most important things you should do is back up your computer system.  Most people only back up their data, but if their system crashes or hard drive fails, their data is lost.  Take these steps to avoid potential disaster.


  • Back up your system on an external hard drive.
  • Purchase a UPS with surge protection.
  • Burn copies of important software programs.