Multimedia Services


Impress your Audience with a Flash Photo Gallery

Display your digital photos with captions to customers, family, and friends.  Click on the picture below to display Flash Photo Gallery.  Scroll up or down and click on the photo you want displayed.  You can add different photo albums to the same gallery or choose another gallery template.  All photos were shot by Webpro's digital photographer.



Seeing is More Effective than Reading

If you are selling a product or service or sharing information, you increase your chances of success by utilizing some form of multimedia.  Corporations spend millions of dollars a year using multimedia to persuade you to buy their products and services.  You can use the same method at a fraction of the costs with a web site.  Your website is accessible to millions of people 24/7. 


Visual Presentation Types

Each presentation has a purpose and should be properly matched with the type.  It is also important to note that each presentation type has a different memory requirement.  Call us for a price quote at 313-408-8924.

  • Flash Photo Gallery is an interactive photo album
  • Flash Slide Show is an automated photo slide show with optional music
  • Video Photo Slide Show is a video presentation of your photos with optional music or voice
  • PowerPoint Slide Presentation is an interactive slide presentation of text and photos


Digital Photography

Webpro will shoot spectacular photos for your website or event.  We also provide photo lab quality photos printed at your event.  Most of the photos displayed on websites, slideshows, and photo galleries were shot by us.  Call us to schedule a photo shoot at 313-408-8924.



MCTC Tri-City Tennis Tournament

We can bring your website to life with video.  Video, mp3, and other supported formats can be played with the embedded Windows Media Player.  Two photo sessions were done to provide the content to portray important elements of the event.  Photos are then enhanced and arranged in sequence.  Presentation templates, slide transitions, and pan and zoom features are selected.  Finally, the right music is added for that final touch.  We can also develop your video photo slide show in other formats such as AVI or DVD. 


Video photo slide shows are low cost, entertaining to watch, and easy to share.  We can photograph your event or you can provide the pictures.  Share your slide show with others by posting it to the web, copying it to a DVD, or sending it by email.  We develop slide shows for any event that you want to capture those special moments, such as weddings, family reunions, funerals, anniversaries, trips and cruises.



Flash Presentation

Click on the photo to start the slide show.  Displaying your digital photos in a slide format is an effective tool for: 

  • Selling products
  • Displaying your portfolio
  • Presenting information
  • Entertaining visitors