• Web sites are the cheapest way to market your business to the most people.


  • Setting up Ecommerce on your web site will create cash flow.




Website Development

Website Development has become a competitive advantage for organizations and marketing strategy plays a very strong role in the overall effectiveness of your website. When designing a website, it's important to use good graphic design, keep information clear and concise, and to communicate your message to your target audience.


A website will enhance your image and credibility by providing key information potential clients require.  For instance, they may want to know how long you've been in business or who are your satisfied customers.  Also, websites are used to present an informative or persuasive marketing strategy for selling products and services, to generate customers, and to disseminate information.  We specialize in developing affordable web sites starting under $200, or we can help you build your own web site.


After a marketing strategy has been determined, the next step is selecting a web template design.  Each template design has five different web lay-outs.  After you choose your template design, we will customize it to your specifications.  Video and Music can easily be added to your website.  Also, Ecommerce is an option for clients wanting to sell their products or services.


Web Forms, Web Polls & Surveys

We develop web forms, web polls, and surveys to get information and inquires from people.  Organizations and businesses are using these tools to help develop marketing strategies and more efficient delivery of services to major stakeholders.


Website Maintenance  

We provide webmaster services when you need to make changes to your website.  We offer an annual maintenance agreement for clients that require many changes per month and a billed per hour maintenance service for clients that require few changes.  The annual maintenance agreement fee is $360 and includes text editing, photo editing, and menu editing. Development of additional web pages and template changes are extra.  Clients choosing the billed per hour maintenance service is $30 per hour.



Free Consultation and Website Assessment

We offer a free consultation which includes a website assessment.  After your assessment is complete, we explain in detail the necessary requirements to have your own website and what it will cost.  If you don't have a marketing plan or all your information and content available, It is especially important to have an assessment done.  Not only  will an assessment save you time and money, but it also reduces development time.  Call for a free consultation at 313-408-8924.






We believe, in order to establish brand loyalty,     we must be committed to quality work and superior customer service. 



   As we become familiar      with your business or organizationís computer systems, information requirements, and budget priorities, we make recommendations and  provide services tailored to suit your individual needs.


  • Quality Services
  • Custom Designs
  • Low Cost Solutions